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'''Richard Müller/Muller/Mueller''' may refer to: * Richard Müller (chemist) (1903–1999), German chemist * Richard Müller (general) (1891–1943), German general and Knight's Cross recipient * Richard Müller (singer) (born 1961), Slovak singer * Richard Müller (socialist) (1880–1943), German socialist, unionist and one of the main protagonists of the German Revolution in 1918 * Richard A. Muller (born 1944), physicist and professor * Richard Muller (theologian) (born 1948), Reformation scholar, and professor * Richard R. Muller, professor of airpower history * Richard S. Muller (born 1933), American professor of electrical engineering * Richard Müller (artist), professor at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts * Richard Mueller (screenwriter), on TV series such as ''Hypernauts''
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